Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Zionist Entity Dictates to the U.S.?

In a New York Times article by Mark Landler on Jan. 13, “Olmert Says He Made Rice Change Vote,” Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is reported as recounting how Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice “had been forced to abstain from a United Nations resolution on Gaza that she helped draft, after Mr. Olmert placed a phone call to President Bush.”

Now this is really something. For years, pundits have been speculating whether the Zionist Entity controls Washington, or whether Washington uses the Zionist Entity to advance its own imperialist designs in the Middle East. At least in this instance in the waning days of the Bush Administration, we have the answer. The Zionist Entity dictates to Washington. Olmert told the AP that as soon as he learned that Secretary Rice was going to support the Security Council resolution calling for a halt to the fighting, one about to be unanimously adopted, he phoned President Bush and demanded to speak to him, even though the President was in the middle of a speech. According to Olmert, Bush dutifully took himself off the podium to answer the call, and immediately called Secretary Rice ordering her to change her vote and abstain. “She was left pretty embarrassed,” the AP quoted Olmert as saying.

What the hell is going on here? Where does a Zionist prime minister get off dictating American foreign policy? This was not a vote against the Zionist Entity. It was a vote calling for a cease fire, to save lives. No matter. The Zionist Entity has long hated the United Nations, considering it biased against it. So, this Zionist Entity, which the taxpayers of the United States support to the tune of $3 billion a year and without which it couldn’t survive a day, demands that the U.S. President interrupt his speech and get his Secretary of State to change her vote.


Are you kidding me? Each year these Zionists beg for more money and we give it to them; we hobble the very international peace agency we put together after WWII by opposing every resolution to control the war crimes made possible by our aid; we supply them with the advanced equipment with which they have blasted and broken and imprisoned and tortured a helpless civilian population in violation of every humanitarian and international law known to man; we compromise our standing in the world in order to support the Zionist theft and ethnic cleansing of an entire country; and these arrogant bastards order our President and Secretary of State around like lap dogs???

Where, one must wonder, does this Zionist leverage come from? What does the Zionist Entity have that it can hold over the head of the allegedly most powerful man in the world? And conversely, what makes the United States President so craven, so intimidated, that he breaks off his speech and says, “Yes, Sir, Mr. Prime Minister,” I’ll get on it right away?

Whatever the answer (and many come to mind, including much speculation about the Zionist Entity’s role in 9/11, and its role in convincing the U.S. to attack Iraq), anyone who is not already brain dead must see that this situation can not, must not go on. Talk about the tail wagging the dog. Talk about the humiliation of a once-great super power. Talk about the outrage of citizens of a country whose money and lives have been sacrificed to policies in the Middle East that now seem to have arisen from the depths of the hell created by this very Zionist Entity!

Wake up America. It is time for a change indeed. It is time to treat the Zionist Entity like the late apartheid government of South Africa, which it seems determined to emulate. It is time to boycott Zionist goods, call for sanctions on the Zionist Entity, and break this power that threatens and humiliates not only its immediate neighbors, but us all.

Lawrence DiStasi

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  1. The headline in The Express-Times of Easton, PA reads: "NJ kids with Nazi-inspired names removed from home"

    I think that the behavior and actions of the Z.E. are unwittingly inspiring some people to give Nazi-sounding names to their children. The Z.E. is using Nazi persecution tactics to beat down the Palestinians. With the death toll in Gaza reportedly around 1,000, it's clear that the Z.E. is perpetuating the hatred of the holocaust, the same thing that was done to those of the Jewish faith. This Z.E. "disorder" is right out of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV). The victims have now become the victimizers. Just like people who were abused in early life, they now wreak the same havoc on others. It's a form of pathology. The Z.E. will not be happy unless it has an enemy, and that enemy is the Palestinian people. Unfortunately for the Palestininan people, the U.S. has been convinced by the serpent-like Z.E. to abandon its principles of morality, justice and fairness. The Z.E. has hijacked American foreign policy without a struggle and has inserted itself into the conscience and soul of the U.S. State Department. And Hillary seems poised to march to the Z.E. tune. It is long overdue to just say "NO!" to the Z.E. No you cannot violate international law. America is fast becoming a Communist Chinese colony. George W. Bush said he was happy with his administration's record on human rights. And the Chinese Communists are happy with their record on human rights in Tibet! Houston, we have lift off! And we're going to the moon to set up the new Guantanamo detention facility. The PRC will send prison labor and the USA and the Z.E. will send terrorist detainees to the moon where no one will ever hear from them again. No you cannot have billions of dollars of American weaponry. No we will not continue to support your policies of suppression and murder against a defenseless people. No we will not be accomplices to your "God-given" rights to murder.

    Just say no to the Z.E. and there will be peace in the Middle East.