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The Big Book of Italian American Culture 

...a perennial favorite and one of the best books to give as a gift to those who lack information about Italian American culture. Published under my own imprint, Sanniti Publications, the Big Book is still available in paperback, here at the discounted price of

                       $14. 95 plus tax (if applicable) and shipping 

“...a book to give everyone on your list: turning each page is like opening a series of small
       nested boxes, each containing a small jewel.”
                        Maria Gloria, L’Italo Americano

Esty: A Novel/Memoir           
                Sanniti Publications, 2012. 

               $16.95 plus tax (if applicable) and shipping

Lawrence DiStasi's Esty is a brilliant work--a gripping family saga, an exloration of his past and heritage that is so fascinating and layerred it is difficult to put down. Paritially written in his mother's own voice and partially in the voice of her writer son, DiStasi's book tries to piece together a past that is elusive and that upends his previous perceptions...a beautifully nuanced book that is not to be missed. 
             Maria Mazziotti Gillan, poet winner of the American Book Award.



Mal Occhio: The Underside of Vision    

                                                      Sanniti Publications, 2008                                                                                                              

            $15.95 plus tax and shipping

       "A Classic of Italian American literature.."
                Robert Viscusi, Wolfe Institute, Brooklyn College

       "A book to learn from, and enjoy. At last, some psychology from the South Side..."       
                                        James Hillman

     "Books like this free one's fancy rather than subduing it."
          Anthony Burgess, London Times Literary Supplement

   Una Storia Segreta:  

        The Secret History of Italian American Evacuation and Internment During World War II

      $21.95 plus tax and shipping

...All but forgotten in the post-war years, obscured by the story of the Japanese American internment, officially denied, and simply repressed as a disturbing and shameful memory, this secret story--una storia segreta--has finally come to light. 

"DiStasi is one of our most precious public intellectuals...This is the part of the Italian American story you won't see on The Sopranos." 
       Ishmael Reed, University of California at Berkeley

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